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Ultra BFS Spool RX30 V.S. BFS Spool X27

How to spool a baitcasting reel? Lightweight precision Roro Spool is your best choice. If we find a BFS spool for our DAIWA Zillion 1016, T3 series, SS SV and RYOGA TDZ baitcasting reel, which spool should we choose? RX30 or X27? What is the difference of these two BFS spools? Let us talk about more detail in the following. Application Model: RX30 and X27 both are same using as following reel: All old STEEZ series, any STEEZ can be used, except 19 , 20 STEEZ CT STEEZ EX, STEEZ LTD, STEEZ LTD TN, STEEZ SV, STEEZ (100H, 100SH, 100HL, 103H, 103HL)… Detail models, please refer Here. Specification:   RX30 Summary Specify design for pure ultra BFS spool Bigger diameter,...

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Space Grade Lightweight Titanium shaft Roro X Spool Series

How to spool a baitcasting reel? Lightweight precision Roro Spool is your best choice. In order to pursue the ultimate BFS baitcasting spool, we have another masterpiece. Roro Lure Studio launches a new upgraded series of titanium shaft Roro X Spool. With a 7178 high strength aviation aluminium spool body and brake ring, we use a lightweight titanium alloy to make centre shaft. The new titanium shaft Roro X Spool series are definitely your wish to get for BFS microcasting anglers. Upgraded from the previous stainless steel centre shaft to aluminium alloy, now we are pursuing another difficulty, using space-grade titanium alloy, producing a 3mm thick lightweight titanium shaft. The total weight of Roro spool is further reducing. With 3mm...

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What is a Roro ceramic spool bearings for baitcasting reel?

If you want a bait finesse special which emphasizes lightweight and response, use Roro spool Bearings for your baitcasting reel. For tuning baitcasting reel, spool bearings replacement is the first priority. The right bearings have stable rotation and high precision. According to your baitcasting reel’s tackle balance, you can choose favourite bearings from Roro Lure. There are ceramic bearings (SIC Bearings) and stainless steel bearings in our shop. We have prepared a bearing kit corresponding to each reel, please select right bearings for your reel. Roro ceramic ball bearings, which are also named as Roro SIC Bearings. Each SIC Bearing is made up of a combination silicon carbide ceramic ball and rust resistant stainless steel metal. The difference size bearings:...

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