Space Grade Lightweight Titanium shaft Roro X Spool Series

How to spool a baitcasting reel? Lightweight precision Roro Spool is your best choice.

In pursuit of the ultimate BFS baitcasting spool, Roro Lure Studio introduces the new, upgraded titanium shaft Roro X Spool series. With a 7178 high-strength aviation aluminum spool body and brake ring, the center shaft is constructed from lightweight titanium alloy. The new titanium shaft Roro X Spool series is the perfect choice for BFS microcasting anglers.

Titanium Centre Shaft Roro X Spool

Upgrading from the previous stainless steel center shaft to an aluminum alloy, we now embrace the challenge of using space-grade titanium alloy to produce a 3mm thick lightweight titanium shaft. The total weight of the Roro spool is further reduced, resulting in improved starting performance.

What is titanium?

What is titanium

Titanium is a unique metal with incredible properties. It is very strong – as strong as steel – but less dense. In fact, titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any known metal. This means that titanium is lightweight yet extremely strong. Due to its strength and lightweight properties, titanium is widely used in aerospace applications in an alloyed form.

Another remarkable and useful property of titanium is its corrosion resistance. Under normal conditions, titanium forms a passive oxide coating that naturally protects the metal from corrosion and further oxidation. Titanium and titanium alloys are used in environments where other metals corrode and disintegrate, such as in seawater.

Lastly, titanium is a very inert, non-toxic, and biocompatible material. This makes it suitable for individuals with allergies and ideal for medical applications, such as surgical implements, joint replacements, and dental implants.

Performance of Titanium BFS Baitcasting Reel Spool?

Titanium is a space-grade material that is extremely lightweight, durable, and historically excellent for various applications. However, these exceptional features come at a cost. Titanium is difficult to manufacture and process due to its hardness, making it an expensive material that impacts the final product's price.

Roro Lure Studio has successfully incorporated this fantastic titanium alloy center shaft, which boasts high strength, excellent wear resistance, and lightweight properties. The titanium shaft resolves various issues encountered with aluminum shafts, such as wear, noise, and other problems. Additionally, the 3mm center shaft offers exceptional starting performance.

A lightweight BFS baitcasting spool requires minimal inertia to overcome before it starts to spin and pay out the line when casting a very light lure.