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Discovering the AX22 Roro X Spool: A New Era in Bait Finesse Fishing

Introduction:   Welcome to this exciting blog post, where we explore the innovative AX22 Roro X Spool that has captured the attention of many fishing enthusiasts. Our team, experienced in using a range of paddle reels, is intrigued by this latest offering from Daiwa - the 22 Silver Creek Air. This spool is also compatible with the 21 Gekkabijin Air TW PE Special, 20 Alphas Air TW, and 20 Steez Air TW.   The Spool: AX24 vs AX22   Many of our customers have had extensive experience using the AX24 spool and have been thoroughly satisfied with its performance. Weighing approximately 4.8 grams, this lightweight spool delivers exceptional results, particularly when used for stream fishing with light lures. The AX22,...

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Exploring the Benefits of Lighter BFS Spools: Roro BFS Spool's Advantages in BFS Fishing and Rotational Inertia

 How to spool a baitcasting reel? Lightweight precision Roro Spool is your best choice. Let us upgrade your current BFS reel or convert a standard baitcasting reel into a bait finesse reel today!  BFS (bait finesse system) fishing is a technique that has been growing in popularity among anglers in recent years. This technique involves using ultralight fishing tackle and small baits to target finicky fish in clear water conditions. One important aspect of BFS fishing is the concept of rotational inertia, or the resistance to changes in rotational motion. The Importance of Spool Weight Enter our Roro BFS spool, a product designed specifically for BFS fishing enthusiasts. At only 3 to 4 grams, the Roro BFS spool is significantly...

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Ultra BFS Spool RX30 V.S. BFS Spool X27

How to spool a baitcasting reel? Lightweight precision Roro Spool is your best choice. If you're looking for a BFS spool for your Daiwa Zillion 1016, T3 series, SS SV, or RYOGA TDZ baitcasting reel, you might be wondering which spool to choose: RX30 or X27. Let's discuss the differences between these two BFS spools to help you make an informed decision. Application Model: RX30 and X27 both are same using as following reel: All old STEEZ series, any STEEZ can be used, except 19 , 20 STEEZ CT STEEZ EX, STEEZ LTD, STEEZ LTD TN, STEEZ SV, STEEZ (100H, 100SH, 100HL, 103H, 103HL)… Detail models, please refer Here. Specification:   RX30 Summary Designed specifically for ultra-lightweight BFS spool Features...

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