What is a Roro ceramic spool bearings for baitcasting reel?

If you want a bait finesse special which emphasizes lightweight and response, use Roro spool Bearings for your baitcasting reel.

For tuning baitcasting reel, spool bearings replacement is the first priority. The right bearings have stable rotation and high precision. According to your baitcasting reel’s tackle balance, you can choose favourite bearings from Roro Lure.

There are ceramic bearings (SIC Bearings) and stainless steel bearings in our shop. We have prepared a bearing kit corresponding to each reel, please select right bearings for your reel.

Roro ceramic ball bearings, which are also named as Roro SIC Bearings. Each SIC Bearing is made up of a combination silicon carbide ceramic ball and rust resistant stainless steel metal.

1154 Roro SIC Bearings for Baitcasting Reel

The difference size bearings:

  • 632(6 (Diameter) x 3 (Inner Diameter) x 2 (Thickness) mm), 742 & 852 small bearings combine with red bearing rings can flexibly become different sizes bearings. The boot performance (fast start up) of the bearings are very strong, which are suitable for playing with bait 1 to 10 grams;

Example: 632 small bearing combines with a red bearing ring can adjust to 834 Roro SIC Bearing, 742 combines with a red bearing ring will become 1044.

  • Looking for the bait range of 1 to 15 grams? 733 bearing combines with a red bearing ring can be converted to a bigger size. The boot performance is slightly lower than the small one, but the bait weight is just slightly heavier.

  • The ceramic ball in the universal bearing is much larger than the small bearing. It is a complete large silver bearing. The large ceramic ball is more stable and durable than the small ceramic at high speed. It is suitable for heavy duty, such as long-distance casting. The bait range is within 40 grams. 

Difference Roro SIC Bearings specification as following:

Roro SIC Bearings are micro ceramic spool bearings. These ceramic bearings are specially designed and manufactured by the specialist of our company for baitcasting reels. Roro SIC bearings are characterized by their very high thermal resistance with extremely minimal heat expansion and their extreme hardness. Friction and wear are thus very low, even non-existent, when hydrodynamic lubrication is achieved. This is why the materials also work in harsh environments.

Roro SIC bearings can spin freely without any excess drag. It has less rolling resistance and is lighter and then normal steel bearings. As a result, ceramic bearings last longer and cast longer.