Seven Questions to select BFS Spool for baitcasting reel

How to spool a baitcasting reel? Lightweight precision Roro Spool is your best choice.


How to select the right BFS Roro X Spool?

Roro X Spool Series 

Q1: Which size of BFS spool should I buy?

Determinate by your stock Reel Spool Diameter.

In most of the baitcasting reels, the spools diameter in the range of 28mm to 34mm.

You could just check your spool diameter by a ruler.


Q2: The spool diameter is the same with Roro X Spool, but it is not in the applicable model list, can I use it?

The performances of the spools on the applicable model list have  been tested and qualities are guaranteed. However, we could not promise the same performance on the other reels with the same size spools.


Q3. There are two Roro X spools with the same size, which one should I buy?

Some models could be applied to different scenarios, such as RX30 and X27.

Both of these Roro Spools are 34mm, but there are for different scenarios. RX30 is for ultra BFS casting, the weight of bait casting suggestion is from 0.8 grams to 6.0 grams. X27 with weights from 1.8 grams to 15 grams. Please check what you want to cast.


Q4. Is any spool bearing coming with the Roro X Spool? Do I need to buy it separately?

Our Roro X Spool comes with one Roro stainless steel bearing. This stainless steel bearing is a micro BFS bearing.


Q5. Do you suggest a change of the stock Roro X Spool stainless steel bearing to a Hybrid Ceramic ball SIC bearing?

Our Roro stainless steel bearings preform very well. However, if you strive for perfect bait finesse special that emphasizes lightweight and response, we suggest to use the Roro SIC Ceramic Ball Spool Bearings.


Q6. Do I need to change the side plate bearing of my stock factory reel?

After received our Roro X Spool, you could just install it without changing any things.

However, there is an additional way you could strive for perfect.

Scenario 1: Roro X Spool with BFS stainless steel bearing + Roro stainless steel bearing for side plate


Scenario 2: Roro X Spool with BFS Roro SIC bearing + Roro SIC bearing for side plate


Q7. There are two inductors for Roro X Spool, which one should I choose?

The article (Roro Spool two Brake System for Baitcasting Reel) is explaining the details for two rotors. The thicken model offers comfort in casting ultra light weight rigs, and you don't have to put much attention to your brake; the standard model is for advanced anglers who may use thumbs to add casting distance.