Roro Spool two Brake System for Baitcasting Reel

How to spool a baitcasting reel? Lightweight precision Roro Spool is your best choice.

Why? Is Roro Spool a fast spool for short casting?

Roro Spool has two motor brake system, which fits for different expectations of anglers.

There are standard brake ring and thicken brake ring system.

Standard brake ring is designed for senior anglers;

While thicken brake ring is designed for all anglers.

The standard brake ring is about 65% of the braking force of the original spool. The brake can be adjusted more delicately, and it is easy for the bait to reach the limit distance. For example, after the 3rd gear is adjusted to the 4th gear, the increase in the braking force and the distance change will not be noticeable. Not big, but because the peak braking force is not high enough, novices who are not proficient in throwing poles can easily backlash. We recommend the standard brakes for Senior anglers;

The thickening brake ring is about 85% of the braking force of the original cup. The stability is very high and it is not easy to backlash. And there is no strong brake fault like the original spool. The braking force curve is smooth, suitable for long-range shooting and to use in some occasions that require high stability (such as competitions etc.). We recommend the thickening brake ring for all anglers.

For example, DAIWA's two dynamic brake system and fixed brake system:

SV brake system: When the initial speed of the spool reaches the maximum speed, the brake ring moves to close magnet, and achieve the maximum braking force. Due to decreasing speed, the rear brake ring will reset and reduce brake force. At last, prevent backlash to use your thumb to control spool. It is suitable for 5-15 grams lures.

Z brake system: the initial speed, high speed and rear speed of spool are slowly rising and slowly falling, braking force is gently up and down. It is suitable for 10-30 grams lures of super long cast.

Fixed brake system: Also called original magnetic brake, fixed height of the brake ring. The generated electromagnetic resistance is smoother than the above two brake systems, the peak value is not high too. It is suitable for playing with micro casting. Some baitcasting reels also use fixed brake system as long cast. such as ZPI, Super Cup, etc., the performance is also very good!

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