Upgrading Your Reel with Roro BFS ST Bearings: The Latest BFS ST Bearings

The Latest Roro BFS ST Bearings

Are you looking to upgrade your BFS fishing reel for better performance? Look no further than Roro Bearings! Our latest release, the BFS ST (Secure Fit Technology) Bearings, offers even better performance than our previous models.

The BFS ST Bearings use a unique design to create a better connection between the bearing and spool shaft.

Roro BFS ST Bearings

Reduced Vibration
The BFS ST Bearings feature a unique design that creates a better connection between the bearing and spool shaft, resulting in reduced vibration during operation. This leads to smoother and more precise casting and retrieval, making it easier to detect and catch fish.

Smoother Operation
The design of the BFS ST Bearings produces a smoother and quieter reel, enhancing the overall fishing experience. This allows anglers to focus more on their technique and enjoy the peacefulness of the surroundings.

Quicker Start-Up
The BFS ST Bearings provide the quickest start-up times, allowing for faster and more efficient casting. This is especially important when trying to quickly reach specific areas or when trying to quickly reel in a fish.

Lower Rotational Resistance
The BFS ST Bearings exhibit the least amount of rotational resistance. This results in improved performance and longer casting distances. This is particularly beneficial for anglers who are targeting fish that are farther away or in deeper waters, allowing them to make longer and more accurate casts.

Type Size Ceramic Ball Stainless Ball
BFS ST 3*8*4mm SiC 834BFS ST  834BFS ST
BFS ST 3*10*4mm SiC1034BFS ST  1034BFS ST
BFS ST 5*10*4mm SiC1054BFS ST  1054BFS ST
BFS ST 3*11*4mm SiC1134BFS ST  1134BFS ST
BFS ST 5*11*4mm SiC1154BFS ST  1154BFS ST

But the advantages don't stop there. Our Roro Bearings are designed with maintainability in mind, featuring an open-faced structure that makes cleaning and lubrication a breeze, Please refer Here. Our high-quality ball bearings use ceramic balls for excellent rotation performance, while the race material is made of stainless steel for processing accuracy and rust prevention performance.

When installing our Roro Bearings, it's important to note that our stainless steel bait finesse bearings should be oiled with an ultra-low viscosity reel oil, while our ceramic bearings can be run dry.

Upgrading your BFS fishing reel with Roro BFS ST Bearings can greatly enhance your fishing experience, whether you're targeting bass, trout, or any other species. Don't settle for mediocre performance - upgrade your reel today with Roro Bearings and experience the difference in performance for yourself!