Roro SIC Bearings for Handle Knobs

If you want a bait finesse special which emphasizes lightweight and response, use Roro SIC Bearings for your BFS reel.

Most of handle knobs bearings in BSF reels uses plastics one. They are not stainless steel, of course not ceramic hybrid. Do we need to instead by stainless steel bearings or ceramic hybrid one? Is it change our cast feeling?

Casting feeling with SIC handle Bearings

When we focus on improving the flying distance, the fine approach and cast feeling are also important. The biggest appeal of Roro SIC bearings is the improvement of the cast feeling enabled by reducing the friction of the bearing ball. By reducing the diameter, we limited the friction to the smallest level. Together with the ultra-light ceramic ball, the SIC Ball Bearing provides us the cast feeling which never experienced before.

Bearings size for Handle knobs shaft

Bearings size for Handle knobs shaft

Before you purchase handle bearings, please check if your stock handle accept change or not. By using Roro Handle knobs cap remover, remove center cap. If you see (+) Phillips screw, you may change knobs, otherwise, it may not change there is a brass rivet holding the knob.
Daiwa has 2.5mm long of shaft with the inner diameter of 4mm;
Shimano has 27.5 to 28 long of shaft with the inner diameter of 4mm.
742(4x7x2.5mm) bearings are common size fit for Daiwa and Shimano handle knob shaft. 852( 4 x 7 x 2.5mm) bearings are fit for some ABU reel.
Roro Ceramic Hybrid Bearings Concept
The high-sensitive bearing whose rotary performance is terrific is for professional use. There is no rival for its ultimate smoothness. This is the bearing to tune up for professional-use. It is very suitable for a high sensitivity reel to challenge by delicate tackle. It makes rotation feeling like silky smoothness that's quite unique to Roro SIC Bearings.

Roro SIC Handle Bearings Caution

Bearing is a precision component. Please make sure to avoid any dust or other things to get in while maintenance.Knob bearings are used in extreme condition with water, dust, sand and mud. We should regularly clean after using. Detail please refer this article, 5 Steps to Clean Roro Spool Bearings for Baitcasting Reel.

High performance ceramic ball bearing supports the high speed spinning.
Amazing acceleration performance supported by the Roro SIC ceramic ball. Please choose your favorite bearings, here right now.