Roro SIC Bearings for Handle Knobs: Enhance Your BFS Reel Performance

If you want a bait finesse special which emphasizes lightweight and response, use Roro SIC Bearings for your BFS reel.

Most handle knob bearings in BFS reels are made of plastic and not stainless steel or ceramic hybrid. But should you replace them with stainless steel or ceramic hybrid bearings? Will it change your casting experience?


Casting feeling with SIC handle Bearings

When striving to improve casting distance, it's essential to consider the fine approach and casting sensation. Roro SIC bearings offer an enhanced casting experience by reducing the friction of the bearing ball. By minimizing the diameter and utilizing ultra-light ceramic balls, the SIC Ball Bearing delivers a unique casting sensation never experienced before.

Bearings size for Handle knobs shaft

Bearings size for Handle knobs shaft

Before purchasing handle bearings, check if your stock handle can be changed. Use the Roro Handle Knob Cap Remover to remove the center cap. If you see a (+) Phillips screw, you can change the knob. If there's a brass rivet holding the knob, you may not be able to change it.
Daiwa has a 2.5mm long shaft with a 4mm inner diameter; Shimano has a 27.5 to 28mm long shaft with a 4mm inner diameter. The common size for Daiwa and Shimano handle knob shafts is the 742 (4x7x2.5mm) bearing. The 852 (4x7x2.5mm) bearing fits some ABU reels.
Roro Ceramic Hybrid Bearings Concept
Designed for professional use, the high-sensitivity Roro SIC bearing boasts exceptional rotary performance. With unparalleled smoothness, this bearing is perfect for high-sensitivity reels that require delicate tackle. Its silky smooth rotation is unique to Roro SIC Bearings.

Roro SIC Handle Bearings Caution

Bearings are precision components. Ensure you avoid dust and debris during maintenance. Knob bearings are used in extreme conditions, including water, dust, sand, and mud. Regular cleaning after use is essential. For detailed cleaning steps, refer to the article, 5 Steps to Clean Roro Spool Bearings for Baitcasting Reel.

The high-performance ceramic ball bearing supports high-speed spinning and delivers incredible acceleration, backed by Roro SIC ceramic balls. Choose your ideal bearings and enhance your BFS reel performance today, click here .