Three-Step Performance Upgrade of Bait Finesse System by Roro Lure

When planning to upgrade the performance of a baitcasting reel to BFS, there are several things to consider. Roro Lure recommends the following initial steps to upgrade BFS performance:

Bearings to upgrade

Spool to upgrade

Accessories to upgrade

Bearings to upgrade

Roro Bearings

For BFS bearings upgrades, Roro Lure offers ceramic hybrid bearings (SIC Bearings) and stainless steel bearings in their shop.

BFS spool bearings

Replacing spool bearings is the first priority when tuning a baitcasting reel. Roro Lure offers high-quality, stable bearings with a range of options tailored to your reel.

BFS Handle knobs Bearings

Handle knob bearings must be durable to withstand water, dust, sand, and mud. Roro Lure offers lightweight, high-performance knob bearings that enhance casting feel and precision.

BFS Baitcasting Reel Bearings

Additional bearings within the baitcasting reel can also be replaced with Roro Bearings, further improving cast feel and reducing friction.

Spool to upgrade

Roro X Spool

Roro Lure has designed the lightweight Roro X Spool series to enhance baitcasting reels. Two brake systems are available, catering to different anglers' expectations: the standard brake ring (for senior anglers) and the thickened brake ring (for all anglers).

Accessories to upgrade

Roro Handle Knobs

Upgrading other BFS components, such as handle knobs and crank handle twist, can also improve casting feel.

Upgrade Handle knobs

Roro Lure offers lightweight handle knobs in various shapes and colors to suit your preferences.

Upgrade Crank Handle Twist

A lightweight, non-slip crank handle ensures smooth casting and less effort when reeling in large fish.

For more fine-tuned BFS products, please visit Roro Lure's shop at