Roro Spool A Dual Brake System for Baitcasting Reels

How to spool a baitcasting reel? Lightweight precision Roro Spool is your best choice.

Why? Is Roro Spool a fast spool for short casting?

The Roro Spool is designed to provide lightweight and precise performance, making it an excellent choice for both short and fast casting. Its dual brake system, featuring standard and thickened brake rings, allows anglers to adjust the braking force according to their preferences and skill levels. This flexibility ensures a smooth, controlled casting experience for various fishing situations, including short and fast casting.

The Roro Spool features two brake ring systems: standard brake ring and thickened brake ring.

  • Standard brake ring: designed for experienced anglers
    • Allows for delicate brake adjustments
    • Provides optimal casting distances
  • Thickened brake ring: suitable for all anglers
    • Offers high stability
    • Reduces likelihood of backlash
    • Ideal for various fishing situations, including long-range casting and competitions

Standard Brake Ring

The standard brake ring has approximately 65% of the braking force of the original spool, allowing for more delicate adjustments and greater casting distances. For example, when adjusting from the 3rd to the 4th gear, the increase in braking force and distance change is minimal. However, due to the lower peak braking force, novices who are not proficient in casting may experience backlash. We recommend the standard brake ring for experienced anglers.

Thickened Brake Ring

The thickened brake ring has about 85% of the braking force of the original spool, providing high stability and a reduced likelihood of backlash. Unlike the original spool, there are no strong brake faults, and the braking force curve is smooth. This makes it suitable for long-range casting and high-stability situations, such as competitions. We recommend the thickened brake ring for all anglers.

For example, DAIWA's two dynamic brake system and fixed brake system:

  1. SV Brake System: Suitable for 5-15 gram lures, the SV brake system achieves maximum braking force when the spool reaches its maximum speed. As the speed decreases, the rear brake ring resets and reduces the brake force. To prevent backlash, use your thumb to control the spool.

  2. Z Brake System: Designed for 10-30 gram lures for super long casts, the Z brake system features a gradual increase and decrease in spool speed, with gentle changes in braking force.

  3. Fixed Brake System: Also known as the original magnetic brake, the fixed brake system has a constant height for the brake ring. The electromagnetic resistance is smoother than other systems, with a lower peak value. This system is suitable for micro casting, and some baitcasting reels, such as ZPI and Super Cup, use it for long casts.

If you're interested in learning more about spool specifications, be sure to visit  Roro X Spool. There, you'll find detailed information on various spool options and how they can enhance your baitcasting reel's performance. Happy fishing!