Mastering Lure Casting Techniques with BFS Fishing and Roro Spool


Baitcasting has transformed modern angling, offering unprecedented precision and control. BFS (Bait Finesse System) fishing, which uses specialized equipment like the Roro spool, has become increasingly popular. In this blog post, we'll delve into key lure casting techniques combined with BFS fishing and the Roro spool to boost your angling success.

The Overhead Cast (劈)

A simple technique, the overhead cast provides long casting distance and high accuracy, perfect for open water and boat fishing. Hold the rod horizontally, swing it back until the tip is vertical, then flick your wrist forward, releasing the lure at a 45-degree angle to the ground.

The Side Cast(撇)

Ideal when obstacles like branches or power lines are present, the side cast involves swinging the rod horizontally to the side and flicking your wrist to send the lure flying at a low angle. Though challenging to master, it's highly effective in complex fishing environments.

The Reverse Cast(撩)

Hold the rod with the tip near the water's surface, then quickly lift and flick it forward using wrist rotation. The reverse cast offers high accuracy but a shorter casting distance, making it ideal for freshwater boat fishing and soft bait techniques in complicated areas.

The Pendulum Cast (蕩)

Great for anglers with a traditional fishing background, the pendulum cast involves holding the rod with the tip slightly lowered, gripping the lure to create line tension, and quickly lifting the rod tip while releasing the lure towards the target. This technique offers extreme accuracy, perfect for complex fishing environments.

The Rotary Cast (旋)

A professional technique requiring mastery of other casting methods, the rotary cast involves spinning the lure around the rod tip before release, providing various trajectory options. This technique demands skillful coordination and timing but yields impressive results for expert anglers.

The Sky Cast(天公劈)

A non-traditional casting method, the sky cast involves holding the rod vertically, swinging the lure overhead, and quickly flicking the rod forward. While not offering the longest casting distance or highest accuracy, it's a fun, beginner-friendly option.

The Roro Spool Advantage

The Roro spool enhances your BFS fishing experience with its lightweight design, better control, and increased casting distance. Easy maintenance ensures optimal performance on every fishing trip.


Mastering the casting techniques in this blog post and using the Roro spool will elevate your angling experience, making you a more proficient and versatile fisherman. Grab your gear, hit the water, and relish the excitement of BFS fishing – the fish are waiting!