Discovering the AX22 Roro X Spool: A New Era in Bait Finesse Fishing



Welcome to this exciting blog post, where we explore the innovative AX22 Roro X Spool that has captured the attention of many fishing enthusiasts. Our team, experienced in using a range of paddle reels, is intrigued by this latest offering from Daiwa - the 22 Silver Creek Air. This spool is also compatible with the 21 Gekkabijin Air TW PE Special, 20 Alphas Air TW, and 20 Steez Air TW.


The Spool: AX24 vs AX22


Many of our customers have had extensive experience using the AX24 spool and have been thoroughly satisfied with its performance. Weighing approximately 4.8 grams, this lightweight spool delivers exceptional results, particularly when used for stream fishing with light lures. The AX22, a newer version of the AX24, is marginally lighter at 4.65 grams and features an upgraded bearing system.


Key Differences:


  1. Ceramic Ball: A significant difference between the AX24 and AX22 is the small ceramic ball located at the end of the reel shaft on the inductor side. This innovative feature aims to provide reduced rotational resistance, which customers have already tested with excellent results.


  1. Bearing System: The AX22 spool comes with a rubber O-ring for a more secure fit, especially with hybrid ceramic bearings. This design minimizes the noise typically associated with ceramic materials, resulting in a quieter spool.


  1. Tapered Edges: Aurora spools, like the AX22, feature tapered edges on the spool. This design helps the line stack more evenly and tightens the tolerances between the edge of the spool and the spool itself. This improvement decreases the chances of line tangling on the side of the spool.


Testing the AX22 Spool


To evaluate the AX22 spool's performance, our customers used various lures, including jigs, small minnows, and trout minnows. The outcomes were impressive; the spool demonstrated exceptional control and accuracy, even when casting lighter lures.




Based on the initial testing, the AX22 Roro X Spool appears to be a fantastic addition to the bait finesse fishing landscape. If you are contemplating purchasing an aftermarket spool, the AX22 is an excellent option, particularly if you don't already possess an AX24. However, if you already own the AX24, upgrading to the AX22 may not be essential unless you desire an additional spool for different line types.


Regardless of your decision, the AX22 Roro X Spool is an exciting new product that will undoubtedly enhance the bait finesse fishing experience for many anglers. Don't hesitate to explore this innovative spool and elevate your fishing game.