Unveiling the CB26 Roro Spool: Revolutionizing Your BFS Experience

Hello, distinguished anglers and fishing enthusiasts! As a manufacturer, we are thrilled to present the latest innovation that is poised to transform your bait finesse system (BFS) fishing adventures - the CB26 Roro Spool.

Designed to be a seamless fit with your SLX BFS,CURADO BFS and Scorpion BFS reel,  the CB26 Roro Spool is a testament to our commitment to advancing BFS fishing. Weighing just 4.9 grams, this spool delivers an unparalleled level of finesse, enhancing casting distance while significantly minimizing the need for brake adjustments. By employing a user-friendly shaft system that eliminates the need for extra magnets, we have simplified your fishing experience by removing the hassle of continuously adjusting bail magnets.

Our CB26 Roro spool boasts of impeccable precision and smoothness during casting and retrieval. It is engineered to handle lightweight lures such as the 45mm Jackson Matoria or a mere 0.9 grams jig with no spool blow up - a testament to the high standards of quality we strive for in our products.

But the CB26 Roro spool isn’t just about casting excellence. We’ve designed it to offer a deeper connection with the underwater world at the end of your line. It provides an enhanced sensitivity level, helping you discern the underwater topography, an invaluable feature when fishing at a distance and possibly the key to landing your next big catch.

In conclusion, we believe the CB26 Roro spool will exceed your expectations. Its smooth operation, impressive castability with lightweight lures, and superior sensitivity make it an essential addition to your BFS fishing arsenal. We invite you to experience the CB26 Roro Spool on your next angling adventure and share your experiences with us!

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