Three steps Performance Upgrade of Bait Finesse System by Roro Lure

When we plan to upgrade the performance of baitcasting reel to BFS, a lot of thing could be done. In upgrading the BFS performance of casting reel, Roro Lure has following initial way to do that.

Bearings to upgrade

Spool to upgrade

Accessories to upgrade

Bearings to upgrade

Roro Bearings

For BSF bearings upgrading, there are ceramic hybrid bearings (SIC Bearings) and stainless steel bearings in our Roro Lure shop.

BFS spool bearings

For tuning baitcasting reel, spool bearings replacement is the first priority. The right bearings have stable rotation and high precision. According to your baitcasting reel’s tackle balance, you can choose favourite bearings from Roro Lure. We have prepared a bearing kit corresponding to each reel, please select right bearings for your reel. 

BFS Handle knobs Bearings

Handle Knob bearings need toughness since they are used in extreme condition with water, dust, sand and mud. Also, the right knob bearings are produced to match the lightweight lures. Instead of simply improving the flying distance, we also actualized the fine approach and cast feeling.

BFS Baitcasting Reel Bearings

Inside the Baitcasting Reel, there are few bearings which can be replaced by our Roro Bearings. The biggest appeal is the improvement of the cast feeling enabled by reducing the friction of the bearing ball.

Spool to upgrade

Roro X Spool

We, Roro Lure by a group of fanatics who love lure fishing, have worked hard to create Roro X Spool series that refining our baitcasting reel. A light weight spool is so important is that there needs to be less inertia to overcome before it starts to spin and pay out line when casting a very light lure. To be better fit for your casting, we introduce Roro spool two Brake System for Baitcasting Reel, which fits for different expectations of anglers.

There are standard brake ring and thicken brake ring system. Standard brake ring is designed for senior anglers; thicken brake ring is designed for all anglers.

Accessories to upgrade

Roro Handle Knobs

Other parts to be upgraded for BFS are also important for your casting feeling, such as handle knobs and crank handle twist upgrading.

Upgrade Handle knobs

Light weight handle knobs are provided by our shop. There are difference shape and color fit for you.

Upgrade Crank Handle Twist

A light crank handle included hardware worked perfectly is important for casting. A right crank is not slippy again and again like it usually happens on stock handle, we could have less effort for big bass with the extra torque.

For more fine turn BFS product, please visit our Roro Lure shop,